Thinking, writing, and designing — in that particular order. Passionate about brand strategy, copywriting, and fashion. I'm a concept freak, cause without concept, there's nothing meaningful. 

When I'm not designing, you may find me rollerskating around Barceloneta, dancing galician muiñeiras in Gràcia, or attending the hottest techno and punk gigs. 

2023 highlights:
1. Learned how to use my non-dominant hand due to a fracture.
2. Completed the Master in Visual Design at Elisava.
3. Interned at Usted, digging into brand strategy.



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ExperimentationA flag measuring 4,50 meters long was installed in Barcelona’s old Mercat de l’Abaceria (1987-2022), in Gràcia neighborhood. Its purpose: to protest against Barcelona’s city council ignoring locals demanding this space to be converted into a green space for the neighborhood.

Do we want a livable city or a city of consumption? In català: “vida o consum?”

Experimentation project done in collaboration with Rey, supervised by Simón Sepulveda.