Lúa’s roots are in València 🍊 and Galicia, 🌿 however her willingness to discover new places led her to keep growing as a designer living abroad in Dublin and Berlin.

What drives Lúa the most are projects with attitude, projects that can contribute to improve the society we live in. Social projects? Cultural projects? Projects that scream “in your face”? Projects that care for under represented communities? Count her in, then! 

She is currently seeking a position in Barcelona within a studio that matches her spirit, eager to create sh*t that can cause a positive impact. If you are a nice person, feel free to reach out is you think she can be a good match, or if you want to meet for coffee and/or a glass of Godello wine. ☕️🍷

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VXLAB Branding & Design — Castellón
Design, copy & strategy intern 

BRAINEFFECT (startup) — Berlin
Design intern

Unit Experimental studio — València
Design intern


ELISAVA School of Design & Engineering, Barcelona
Master in Visual Design
2022 — 2023 (Current)

Technological University, Dublin
BA Visual Design — Erasmus exchange

Polytechnic University, València
BA Design and Creative Technologies
2016 — 2020


Shortlisted final degree project
Acento G awards, Graffica Info
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